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Portfolio & Tote Tray Storage

New 4" baseNew 4" base writing

Store and organize portfolios, canvases and a multitude of paper and supplies with these versatile storage cabinets.

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specialized for storage

  • Choose from a Classic Double Sided TFL or Double Sided HPL Casebody
  • Customizable to Fit Your Storage Needs
  • These Units Are Stand Alone Options or can be Combined with Upper or Lower Storage Units
  • Clear View or Full Color Tote Trays are Options


  • 1” matching top on cabinets, matching 3mm PVC edge banding (complimentary color available upon request)
  • Casebody - Fully doweled 0.75” sides, back, bottom and sub-top, matching 3mm PVC edge banding
  • Base - Integrated, matching fully finished base with built in levelers adjustable from inside cabinet
  • Doors - 0.75” double sided, matching 3mm PVC edge banding, wire pulls (SS4000), heavy duty 5-knuckle hinge(SS4000) (optional vertical bar lock)
  • Shelves - Double sided, matching 3mm PVC edge banding on front edge (fixed are fully doweled, adjustable have 4 double-pin shelf clips)

Portfolio & Tote Storage

Model W" x H" x D" Description
SSC3000 36 x 84 x 31 Portfolio Storage, 3 Shelves, 36 Adj. Wire Dividers
APMU 42 x 27 x 24 Portfoio Manager - Upper Unit, 14 Adj. Wire Dividers
APMB 42 x 40 x 24 Portfolio Manager - Lower Unit, 27 Clear View Tote Trays

Choose your finish

  • Classic: Select 1 Thermal Fused Laminate (TFL) color on all surfaces
  • Premium: Select 1 High Pressure Laminate (HPL) color on all surfaces
  • Drawer boxes are always white TFL
See "Finishes" under Product Resources tab for TFL and HPL options.

See "Finishes" under Product Resources tab for TFL and HPL options.
Let's craft your solution

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