High Density Storage

Nine out of 10 industry professionals who see our cabinets for the first time say, "This is a better built cabinet than I've seen anywhere else." We know. Why do we do it? Because We Can. Attention to detail, quality materials, a third more doweling, assembled by hand.

volumes of storage

  • Sleek Design Fits Into Small Spaces and Pull-Out Shelving Units Require No Aisle Space for Accssing Materials
  • Store The Same Material in 50% Less Space than Traditional Filing Systems
  • Choose from a Classic Double Sided TFL or Double Sided HPL Casebody
  • Customizable to Fit Your Storage Needs


  • Top - 1" matching top, matching 3mm PVC edge banding
  • Casebody - Fully doweled 0.75” sides, back, bottom and sub-top, matching 3mm PVC edge banding
  • Base - Steel frame base features heavy duty casters to support load and glides along track secured to the floor
  • Shelves - Double sided, matching 3mm PVC edge banding on front edge (fixed are fully doweled, adjustable have 4 double-pin shelf clips)

Portfolio & High Density Storage

Model #
Top D x L”
SSHD5000 48 x 72 x 16 5 Shelves, Roll-Out Caster System
SSHD6000 48 x 84 x 16 6 Shelves, Roll-Out Caster System
SSHD7000 48 x 96 x 16 7 Shelves, Roll-Out Caster System

Choose your finish

  • Classic: Select 1 Thermal Fused Laminate (TFL) color on all surfaces
  • Premium: Select 1 High Pressure Laminate (HPL) color on all surfaces
See "Finishes" under Product Resources tab for TFL and HPL options.
Let's craft your solution

Work with our design team.