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Book Browser

Organize your books in this stylish Book Browser, the perfect height for young children with storage above and compartments below.

Easy Access

  • Features Easy Sliding Levelers for Mobility
  • Choose from a Classic Double Sided TFL or Double Sided HPL Casebody
  • Choose Between 36 or 48" Width
  • 33" Height and 22" Depth
  • Customizable to Fit Your Storage Needs

browser construction

  • Casebody - Fully doweled 0.75” sides, back, bottom and sub-top, matching 3mm PVC edge banding
  • Base - Integrated, fully finished base with built in levelers adjustable from inside cabinet, hidden casters standard on Book Browser
  • Shelves - Fully doweled, double sided, matching 3mm PVC edge banding on front edge
  • Top - 1” double sided HPL top, matching 3mm PVC edge banding

Book Browsers

Model Description W" x H" x D"
LBN2000-HC-363322 Double Sided, 6 Cubbies, 6 Browsers, Hidden Casters 36 x 33 x 22
LBN2000-HC-483322 Double Sided, 6 Cubbies, 6 Browsers, Hidden Casters 48 x 33 x 22

Choose your finish

Classic Vs. Premium
        • Classic: Select 1 TFL top color and 1 TFL casebody color*
        • Premium: Select 1 HPL top color and 1 HPL casebody color

*HPL top optional only for models with height under 60". Standard top color is matching TFL.
HPL = High Pressure Laminate / TFL = Thermal Fused Laminate

See "Finishes" under Product Resources tab for TFL and HPL options.
Let's craft your solution

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