Depressible Book Cart

This Depressible Book Cart features a platform that raises and lowers based on weight. Add this to make your library circulation desk or media center complete.

Roll wherever you need to go

  • Fully Mobile, Easily Roll this Book Drop Anywhere You Need to Go.
  • Depressible Lift Descends as Books Weight it Down
  • Choose from a Classic Double Sided TFL or Double Sided HPL Casebody
  • Depressible Lift Lowers Slowly as Weight Increases
  • Designed to Fit Under Circulation Desk Unit CD1010

book cart construction

  • Casebody - Fully doweled 0.75” sides, back, bottom and sub-top/sub-bottom, matching 3mm PVC edge banding
  • Base - Integrated, 1” caster base, matching 3mm PVC edge banding, 3" heavy duty casters (2 locking, 2 non-locking, casters require field assembly
  • Shelves - 1" double sided HPL, matching 3mm PVC edge banding on front edge (fixed are fully doweled, adjustable have 4 double-pin shelf clips)
  • Top - 1” matching top on cabinets, matching 3mm PVC edge banding (complimentary color available upon request)
  • All Units are constructed the same as the Classic EXCEPT thePremium cabinet components are double sided high pressure laminate (HPL) in place of the double sided TFL. (Tops are always HPL)

Depressible Book Cart

Model W" x H" x D" Description
LBC1000-AC-D 24 x 23 x 24 Depressible Book Lift

Choose your finish

Classic vs. Premium

        • Classic:
           Select 1 TFL top color and 1 TFL casebody color*
        • Premium: Select 1 HPL top color and 1 HPL casebody color
*HPL top optional only for models with height under 60". Standard top color is matching TFL.
HPL = High Pressure Laminate / TFL = Thermal Fused Laminate

See "Finishes" under Product Resources tab for TFL and HPL options.
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