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EPIC Tide Table

The EPIC Table is WB's multipurpose, table that is made for STEAM rooms. These tables give you the strength and stability of the TORO line with the style and design made for the 21st Century Classroom.

designed to fit your project

  • Available with Standard, Markerboard and Chemical Resistant High Pressure Laminate Tops
  • Lotz Armor EdgeTM - 1.25" High Pressure Laminate (HPL) over MDF Core with Phenolic Backer
    OR 3mm Edge Band - 1.25" High Pressure Laminate (HPL) over Particle Board Core with Phenolic Backer
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame with Fixed Height Legs and 3" Heavy Duty Casters
  • Standard Smooth Silver Frames Can Be Painted in a Variety of Other Colors
  • Add Storage or Power Based on Your Needs

EPIC Frame Options with 3" Heavy Duty Locking Casters

EPIC Frame

Model #




OA Table Height




Standard Frame Color

EPIC Frame - Smooth Silver

Additional Frame Color Options

EPIC Frame - Blue EPIC Frame - Green EPIC Frame - Orange

EPIC Frame - Purple EPIC Frame - Red EPIC Frame - Black

Standard Leg Accessory

3" Heavy Duty
Locking Caster


3" Heavy Duty Locking Caster

3" Heavy Duty
Locking Colored Caster

Colored Caster

EPIC Tide Tables

Edge  Top D x L" 29.36" Table Height 36" Table Height 40" Table Height
Lotz Armor EdgeTM 30 x 54 EPC7805-FX EPC7805-WFX EPC7805-SFX
3mm Edge Band 30 x 54 EPC6805-FX EPC6805-WFX EPC6805-SFX

EPIC Storage Accessories

EPIC backpack hook

Backpack Hooks

Available in Smooth Silver and Black


EPIC Power Accessories


2 Power Outlets,
1 Dual USB


2 Power Outlets,
1 Dual USB


 Dean Z

1 Power Outlet, 
1 Dual USB



1 Power Outlet,
1 Dual USB

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