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Round Occasional Tables

A perfect solution for the empty spot in any seating area, Occasional Tables are meant to serve a purpose when needed and to be a pleasing aesthetic when not in use.

perfect for any occasion

  • Choose Between Standard or Markerboard High Pressure Laminate Tops
  • Lotz Armor EdgeTM - 1.25" High Pressure Laminate (HPL) over MDF Core with Phenolic Backer
  • 3mm Edge Band - 1.25" High Pressure Laminate (HPL) over Particle Board Core with Phenolic Backer
  • Bases are Available in Textured Black and Smooth Silver

Occasional Bases

  • DuraCast X-Base - 2.25" Tubular Steel Column and Aluminum Base, Overall Height: 16.25"
  • Round Pedestal Base - 2" Tubular Steel Column and Round Base, Overall Heights: 16.25" 

DuraCast X-Base


Lotz AE™ Top 3mm Top Description Top Dia" Table H"
GIB7188-1308-1006 GIB6188-1308-1006 Duracast X-Base  24 16.25
GIB7189-1308-1011 GIB6189-1308-1011 Duracast X-Base  30 16.25
GIB7190-1308-1011 GIB6190-1308-1011 Duracast X-Base  36 16.25
GIB7191-1308-1016 GIB6191-1308-1016 Duracast X-Base  42 16.25
GIB7192-1308-1021 GIB6192-1308-1021 Duracast X-Base  48 16.25

Round Pedestal Base


Lotz AE™ Top 3mm Top Description Top Dia" Table H"
GIB7188-1301-1006 GIB6188-1301-1006 Round Pedestal Base 24 16.25
GIB7189-1301-1006 GIB6189-1301-1006 Round Pedestal Base 30 16.25
GIB7190-1301-1011 GIB6190-1301-1011 Round Pedestal Base 36 16.25
GIB7191-1301-1011 GIB6191-1301-1011 Round Pedestal Base 42 16.25

Power Accessories



1 Dual USB,
72" Cord




1 Power Outlet,
72" Cord


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