When it comes to casework, tables, desks and tops... We Can.
WB Manufacturing can design, build and deliver standard cabinets and lockers, modular casework, mobile furniture and custom solutions for any environment, any market, anywhere, anytime. From fixed solutions for non-active environments, to custom modular and mobile units for active and semi-active installations, our in-house Design Team is ready to assist you. By the room, floor or building and whether you’re renovating an existing space or designing and constructing a new space,
We Can. Design. Build. Deliver.

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Door & Drawer Base Cabinets

REplay® Mobile Door & Drawer Base Cabinets are constructed specifically for mobility to be reused and repurposed.

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Open Base Cabinets

Mobile REplay® Open Base Cabinets are constructed specifically to be reused and repositioned into new configurations.

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Double Door Base Cabinets

Mobile REplay® Double Door Base Cabinets are constructed to be reused and quickly repositioned into new configurations.

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Drawer Base Cabinets

Mobile REplay® Drawer Base Cabinets are constructed to be reused and repositioned in new configurations.

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Mail Slots

WB's mail slots are designed to fit your storage requirements. Choose your height and width with a Classic or Premium finish to complete your style.

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Tomah Workstation with Hardwood Top

The side by side configurations of the Tomah Workstations, allow students to work together and easily share a project. Easily move these units around the room creating open work areas or move about to easily cleanup messes.

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Urban Edge

The Urban Edge promotes face to face interaction which encourages creativity in the classroom. The back to back configurations allow access to materials from both sides.

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Quad XL

This workstation was meant for collaboration and easily accessible storage with cabinets on all 4 corners.

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As technology advances, so does the need for workstations to optimize productivity, WB's workstations are build to accommodate all facets of learning, training, studying and inquiry.

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Single Sided Curved Workstation

Our Single Sided Curved Workstation is mobile and has a transaction surface providing structure and versatility for any library or media center. Use as a circulation desk or information kiosk to customize your space.

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Single Sided Curved Bookcase

This curved unit can be made with a markerboard back and is designed to create a versatile and adaptable environment for student learning in the classroom or media center.

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Double Sided Curved Bookcase

This curved unit has twice the storage and is designed to create a versatile and adaptable environment for student learning in the classroom or media center.

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Single Sided Bookcase

Perfect storage for the classroom, library or media center, choose the right size to fit your space.

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WB is my go to manufactureras they can make anything you ask of them and the

Customer Service Always Exceeds My Expectations!

- Gina LaBier
MeTEOR Learning Environment Specialist
Paso Verde STEAM School, Sacramento, CA

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