When it comes to casework, tables, desks and tops... We Can.
WB Manufacturing can design, build and deliver standard cabinets and lockers, modular casework, mobile furniture and custom solutions for any environment, any market, anywhere, anytime. From fixed solutions for non-active environments, to custom modular and mobile units for active and semi-active installations, our in-house Design Team is ready to assist you. By the room, floor or building and whether you’re renovating an existing space or designing and constructing a new space,
We Can. Design. Build. Deliver.

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LOBO Ingenuity Table

The LOBO Ingenuity Table is WB's all-purpose, heavy duty table frame with our new Ingenuity top. This table is ideal for younger students arts classrooms, STEM labs, and Makerspace environments.

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High Density Storage

Nine out of 10 industry professionals who see our cabinets for the first time say, "This is a better built cabinet than I've seen anywhere else." We know. Why do we do it? Because We Can. Attention to detail, quality materials, a third more doweling, assembled by hand.

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Flat Storage

Store and protect your large files and graphics from wrinkles and damage, whether it be posters or blue prints, artwork or large portraits WB can provide safe, organized storage for all your flat file needs.

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Einstein Station

Ideal for people working on team projects and with many different power options to choose from the Multi-Purpose Einstein Station has a variety of uses.

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ELO® Ingenuity Table

ELO® Ingenuity Tables allow you to create and contain your project. Students can work together in groups and the parts and pieces stay together to create a collaborative learning environment.

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Single Sided Curved Bookcase-Mobile

This curved unit can be made with a markerboard back and is designed to create a versatile and adaptable environment for student learning in the classroom or media center.

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Mobile Single Sided Bookcases

Perfect storage for the classroom, library or media center, choose the right size to fit your space.

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WB really has the

Best Customer Service Folks Ever!

Everyone has been patient and helpful, and I very much appreciate it.

- Gayle Belt
Sales Executive
Quincy School, Olympia, Washington

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