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Blind Corner Wall Cabinets

Nine out of 10 industry professionals who see our cabinets for the first time say, "This is a better built cabinet than I've seen anywhere else." We know. Why do we do it? Because We Can. Attention to detail, quality materials, a third more doweling, assembled by hand.

wall Storage

  • Available in a Variety of Configurations and Dimensions to Choose From
  • Mix and Match the Pieces Needed for Your Casework Installation
  • Choose from a Classic or Premium Finish
  • Customizable to Fit Your Storage Needs

fixed CASEWORKUSA® construction

  • Casebody - Fully doweled 0.75”, full subtop and 0.5" inset back fully housed at top, bottom and back, matching 3mm PVC edge banding
  • Doors - 0.75” HPL door fronts, 3mm PVC edge banding, 4" satin pulls, 6-point adjustable concealed hinge (European hinge)
  • Shelves - 0.75”  white TFL on interior shelves, HPL on exposed shelves and HPL on interior shelves on open units (fixed are fully doweled, adjustable have 4 double-pin shelf clips

blind corner wall cabinets

Left Panel
Right Panel
W" x H" x D"
W2500-303014 W2501-303014 30 x 30 x 14 2 Fixed Shelves
W2500-363014 W2501-363014 36 x 30 x 14 2 Fixed Shelves
W2500-393014 W2501-393014 39 x 30 x 14 2 Fixed Shelves
W2510-303014 W2520-303014 30 x 30 x 14 Full Door, 2 Fixed Shelves
W2510-363014 W2520-363014 36 x 30 x 14 Full Door, 2 Fixed Shelves
W2510-393014 W2520-393014 39 x 30 x 14 Full Door, 2 Fixed Shelves

Choose your finish


Classic (/C) Premium (/P)
• Decorative high pressure laminate (HPL) 
on exposed surfaces. 
   - Door and drawer fronts 
   - Exposed ends 
   - Wall cabinet bottoms 
   - Open interiors 
   - Interiors with sliding doors
   - Interiors behind glass doors. 

• White thermal fused laminate (TFL) 
on all other cabinet surfaces. 
• Double sided high pressure laminate (HPL) 
applied to all surfaces of cabinets.

See "Finishes" under Product Resources tab for TFL and HPL options.
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