Phenolic Resin Lab Top

With high resistance to chemicals, humidity and abrasion, our standard phenolic resin provides the perfect surface for laboratory work surfaces, shelves and panels.

designed for any lab

  • High Resistance to Chemicals, Humidity and Abrasions
  • Phenolic is a Perfect Protective Surface for Labs, Shelves and Panels
  • Heat Tolerant to 275 Degrees for Extended Period
  • Custom Sizes Available

built to last

  • Phenolic Resin Lab Top - 1" Black Phenolic Resin with 0.125" Radius on all exterior edges and corners
  • Up to 60"D x 144"L
  • Matte finish

options for your purpose

  • Backsplash
  • Field Machinable
  • Interchangeable Modules for Power
Let's craft your solution

Work with our design team.